The preparation

Sunrise, Marina di Ragusa

With our entire packed up and our affairs in order we departed Paris on a rainy Thursday morning. Requesting a big enough taxi we left with many bags of clothes, towels, and equipment for the boat. Our destination, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily where our boat OPTIMUS was waiting for us.

After a long flight, running from airport gate to airport gate we finally reached our destination, Catania. We picked up our rental, a slick, red Fiat 500L and drove for our destination through the night. Using Apple Maps I plugged in our destination and followed it diligently where it gave us directions to the wrong marina. We ended up in Pozallo which didn’t have a marina but, in fact, a ferry terminal. Asking around, Kamala was able to get some information from the locals. Also we didn’t have our sim cards yet and were reluctant to turn on data roaming for monetary reasons.

Eventually we made our way to Marina di Ragusa where we found our home just out of reach. To secure our boat while Kamala and Mack were away we had the marineros moor the boat off the dock. They reposition the lines so the boat is about 2+ meters away from the dock. This is great because the boat is secure from any surges and it keeps nosey walkabouts on the dock and not on your boat. With winter approaching we called a bunch of hotels and B&Bs in the town and they were either asleep or closed for the season. So we slept in our car amongst all our bags.


Early in the morning, with a clear head and coffee pumping through my veins I decided I can make a running jump on to the boat. The swim step is short so you have to stick the landing. Only one shoe got wet during this maneuver. After repositioning the lines, deploying the passerelle, and putting our flag out we were home. A new beginning for us as we embark on a new adventure.