Optimus gets a haulout

Optimus is on the hard in the boat yard. The last time it was in the boat yard was September, 2014. Just after purchasing her the previous owner, Rob sailed it across the entire Med. Turkey to Spain, and then back to Greece where we picked it up. We’ve worked it hard in that time. The original antifouling International UniPro EU was designed to work a season (like one summer).

We’ve been kind of lucky for it to have lasted this long. We wintered in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily. The marina there has natural springs that turn the water brackish. So we didn’t have too much growth there. Simply moving the boat clears most of the critters since it is self polishing. And from time to time I would clean it myself or hire a diver if I didn’t feel comfortable in the water (cough, Agadir)

But our luck eventually ran out. On our sail from Guadeloupe to Dominica with a 16-18kt wind on a beam reach we were barely able to make 5 knots. So I knew it was time. The jig was up; the paint was done.

So here we are in Saint Martin where we’ve been hauled out for a week. The team at Polyplat in Sandy Road, Saint Martin lifted her out on their giant crane and deposited Optimus on its keels. This year we are doing the antifouling ourselves. And staying on board while all of this is getting done.

Just like painting a house, most of the work is in the prep work. So the first 2 days I spent sanding the hull. Since I wanted to move the waterline up 10cm I had to get primer as well and tape off the new area. And since the boat was out of the water I did other tasks that can’t be done on the water.

  • Check the anodes on the sail drives
  • Repair the crack in our port bow
  • Replace the seals in the port and starboard escape hatches
  • Glue the rubber strips back to the transom
  • Clear stains and descale scuppers under the bridgedeck

After sanding we went next door to Boatpaints and Stuff to find the paint we were going to apply. Now, normally boats will use blue or black paint for the antifouling. We had originally chose to go with the blue Interlux Micron 77 but no one had it in stock, not the yard, not the Budget Marine. But after seeing the new Lagoons leave the factory with a light grey we decided that it would give the boat a different look. We chose a Hempel Mille from Boatpaint in grey.

I purchased 10-liters for a good price from Boatpaint and applied 2 layers on the 2 hulls and 4 layers at the waterline, it wears faster there. By friday we were done with the paint but the gelcoat would require a few more days to complete. So we launch on tuesday. Which can’t get here fast enough.

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