Transatlantic Day 11

We’ve been bombarded by waves lately. This has made it an uncomfortable, boring day. There is probably a storm hundreds of miles away. Here, the skies are clear and the waves are 3 meters. We had the man sail double reef overnight. Good thing 2 as the wind went from 12knots to 15 and ended up reaching the mid 20s. Didn’t bother to let it out until this afternoon. Everyone just kind of feels blah.

Juan cooked his Spanish rice with cod. While we appreciated I don’t think we were in the mood for it. He must have felt it as well as he checked the leftovers overboard. I crave a pizza or a burger.

Denys gave me a bit of ham from this humungous leg of it and I used what little remains to fish with. Had a bite in 10 minutes. Lost the line in 30 seconds. Whatever it was that bit bit it clean off and took the last of my swivels and a string of lead weight. Now I’m really done fishing as I’m out of lures, weights, swivels, and shackle.

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