Transatlantic Day 7

My watch started at 4:30 AM. I watched some TV shows and the wind shifted. We were flying on the gennaker and the wind was starting to build. I decided to gybe the gennaker and it almost threw me overboard. The control sheet dragged me across the deck and I only stopped when my toe hit the toerail, ouch.

It developed a small tear along the bottom that was quickly spreading. By the 6:30 the gennaker was finished. The furler jammed, again. The only way to control was to let it down and pick it up out the ocean. With the weight of so much water trapped in the sail the tear got a little bigger. I stuffed it into its bag and threw it in the hatch. I’m not sure if I want to replace it or repair it. The first option is going to be expensive.

As expected the winds got stronger and changed direction a few times. Not enough for anyone to notice but since we are downwind the main and genoa are a little off balance. In this configuration, goosewing, the boat is moving very snakelike as each sail fights for control. So it was surprising but not surprising when the boat spun around and into the wind. Just a small change in the wind direction had us in irons. We were stuck and it took the entire crew and both engines to point us in the right direction, change sails, and get us back on course.

Strong winds brought bigger waves. By nightfall it was challenging to eat. To keep it simple I left the main up and no genoa. I’m going to run it flat out and hope the winds don’t get too crazy.

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