Transatlantic Day 5

I woke up in the morning to find the batteries really depleted. With the wind at our back the autopilot has to work much harder to maintain control of the boat. And with the heat going up slightly everyday the refrigerator has to work a bit more as well. Overnight we were averaging about 3.5 knots. I turned the starboard engine on with the intent of charging the battery.

Not long after I received an email from Sarayu saying they blew their spinnaker. Seeing a chance to finally catch up I put the engine into gear and let it run for the rest of the day. With just enough wind to fill our gennaker, a following sea, and one engine we averaged 5 knots. Not great speed but every bit helps.

Since the autopilot and engines were doing the work today I sat back relaxed and had a few beers. Ate lots of food and fished for a little. Still no luck. Most of our good lures were taken within the first few days.

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