Transatlantic Day 4

The weather has been nice, a bit too nice. Nice weather means we are sitting in the middle of a high and that means little to no wind. The waves have calmed from 2-3meter to 1.5 with the occasional 2 meter knocking on the boat. The gennaker has been up for almost 24 hours and the latest email from Denys says he is still getting those high speeds. I pin this on his much larger (but less easily managed) asymmetric. Those sails can be 2x the size of a house in the amount of sail area they contain. Ours is a little over 70sqm. About the size of a typical Paris apartment.

With not much to do the crew has been lounging around. I’ve read 2 books in a matter of days. I wish I brought more. When we were in the Med we were never far away from the next landfall so my personal library never got much attention. Out here I’ve got to be reasonable about the pace.

I’ve also worked on a few programming projects. Xcode is quite a beast on power so I’ve been using Atom and nano to write up the files. Then compile when the laptop battery is charged or the motor is running (and charging everything).

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