Transatlantic Day 2

The second full day at sea and we were trying to get into the groove of spending days and weeks on OPTIMUS. We had devised a knew watch schedule that allowed Kamala to take the first watch and wake up in the morning for Mack’s school.

The weather changed a lot through the day. We began the day with 1 reef in the main and the genoa. Then by mid afternoon the wind dropped a bit. Enough that the genoa was having a hard time staying filled. I furled it and put the gennaker up instead. We also changed our heading through the day as we were searching for an optimal position. The best position for the wind was not the best position for the boat to be in the swell. Winds were 15-17knots and falling. But, overnight the winds came back up and after dinner I tried to furl the gennaker. It got stuck, again, and we ended up dropping the head into the water. I left it out to dry overnight and it rained instead.

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