Transatlantic Day 1

The winds were quite strong on our first day; F5-F6 with gusts to F7. The waves were 2-3 meters with the occasional big roller that would break on the side of the ship. If the hatches weren’t closed lots of things would be wet. The crew settled in and read books and work on different projects onboard.

My concern was getting that water leak sorted. I waited 24 hours to let the Sikaflex cure and once I felt it hardened to stop the water from leaking I turned on the pump. And it worked! Just a small drip around the busted old hose. Then I realised the water pump wouldn’t stop running. Indicating there was a tap running, a leak elsewhere, or the tank had run dry. I checked the port tank and to my chagrin there it was. All the way empty. 300 litres were gone. I let the rest of the crew know and that we would have to be mindful of water usage. Turn off the pump when not in use and use hand cleaner instead of washing with soap.

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